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Beginner Beading - Lesson 5 - Basic Bead Weaving
Eri Attebery
Beginner Beading - Lesson 5 - Basic Bead Weaving If you are interested in taking your new skills to the next level, I highly recommend you try bead weaving. Now bead weaving is a little more intricate than bead stringing so it takes a little longer to get the hang of, but if you're patient with it you will slowly get better and better at it. The reward is that you can create truly unique looking jewelry by combining your bead weaving skills with your bead stringing and pinwork skills. The truth is that there are tons of jewelry makers who create pieces based on bead stringing, but if you become skilled at bead weaving your jewelry pieces will stand apart from many others. In this class, I show you the basic bead weaving pattern to get you going. Please take your time with this and practice over and over. You'll have it down before you know it! . . . Click to View
Beginner Beading - Lesson 6 - Bead Ball Earrings
Eri Attebery
Beginner Beading - Lesson 6 - Bead Ball Earrings Now that you've mastered the bead ball, let's try to use what you've learned to create a piece of jewelry using bead balls. In this class, you will put it into practice two skills that you have learned: bead weaving and pinwork. You may remember what I told you earlier about combining skills to create different types of creations. This class will prove to you how easy it is. . . . Click to View
Beginner Beading - Lesson 7 - Weaving a Bead Bracelet
Eri Attebery
Beginner Beading - Lesson 7 - Weaving a Bead Bracelet If you are bead weaving a very simple pattern you may want to consider using nylon coated wire instead of monofilament string. While monofilament string is pretty strong, it can't compare to the strength of wire. So you can get extra sturdiness for your jewelry piece by using nylon coated wire. This is especially important if you are using large heavy beads, or a lot of beads that taken all together become heavy. In this class you will learn how to weave a bracelet with nylon coated wire. . . . Click to View
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