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Free Videos

Free videos brought to you by Jewelry Making Professor.

WireKnitZ® Scrunchy Necklace
Eva Sherman
WireKnitZ® Scrunchy Necklace This easy-to-make necklace incorporates a great new metal knit product called WireKnitZ®. As you will see in this tutorial you can stretch it, stitch, weave, layer and shape it. Your WireKnitZ® scrunchy necklace maintains its structural integrity yet remains supple, flexible, and lightweight. Have fun with it! . . . Click to View
Riveted Metal Earrings
Riveted Metal Earrings . . . Click to View
Kabela Design - Gilders Paste on Filigree
Gina Galli
Kabela Design - Gilders Paste on Filigree Use gilders paste to create a unique look for filigree elements. . . . Click to View
Kabela Design - Crystal Beads in a Filigree Setting
Gina Galli
Kabela Design - Crystal Beads in a Filigree Setting Shows how to use a swarovski crystal bead in a Kabela Design filigree setting. . . . Click to View
Kabela Design - Wrap Filigree around Stone
Gina Galli
Kabela Design - Wrap Filigree around Stone Shows how to wrap a Kabela Design filigree element around a stone. . . . Click to View
Kabela Design - Filigree Ring
Gina Galli
Kabela Design - Filigree Ring Shows how to turn a Kabela Design filigree element into a ring. . . . Click to View
Pink Ribbon Earrings
Eri Attebery
Pink Ribbon Earrings Easy-to-make earrings to show your support for breast cancer awareness. . . . Click to View
Bunny Rabbit
Eri Attebery
Bunny Rabbit Cute bunny rabbit face. Perfect for Valentines! . . . Click to View
Cameo Frame Decoration
Eri Attebery
Cameo Frame Decoration Learn how to turn an ordinary cameo frame into a truly beautiful, unique creation by decorating the outside of the frame with crystal beads. . . . Click to View
Stretch Magic Bracelet
Eri Attebery
Stretch Magic Bracelet Easy-to-make bracelet that stretches to the size you need. . . . Click to View
Four Leaf Clover Ring
Eri Attebery
Four Leaf Clover Ring An easy-to-make green ring perfect for St. Patty's Day! . . . Click to View
Christmas Tree Earrings
Eri Attebery
Christmas Tree Earrings This is a very easy project that you can do in just a few minutes. These Christmas Tree Earrings are perfect for the Holiday season. With just a little bit of pinwork, some Margarita beads, Rondelle beads, Cube beads, and Bicone beads you can create this very popular earring design. . . . Click to View
Beads Dangle Earrings
Eri Attebery
Beads Dangle Earrings This pair of Beads Dangle Earrings will challenge your pinwork skills. You can use different color swarovski pearls and crystal beads to create many different designs. . . . Click to View
Red White Blue Ring
Eri Attebery
Red White Blue Ring This red, white, and blue ring is perfect for the 4th of July, or any time you want to show your patriotic side. . . . Click to View
Daisy Necklace
Eri Attebery
Daisy Necklace Use different color combinations of Dagger beads and lucite beads to make many beautiful varieties. . . . Click to View
Simple Flower Ring
Eri Attebery
Simple Flower Ring This simple flower ring is very easy to make, but very beautiful. . . . Click to View
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