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EA Vids
From Andrea Mazzenga
From Anne Dilker
From Carol Lepage
From Connie Woods
From Darlene Mansue
From Deb Huber
From Eri Attebery
From Eva Sherman
From Gina Galli
From Gina Streubel
From Joan Keokosky
From Kate Lippincott
From Kristen Colvell
From Laurie Fauvre
From Leslie Mangine
From Leslie Pope
From Marti Brown
From Meghan McBrearty
From Sue Carr
From Victoria Gould
From Victoria Harding
From XQ Designs

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Jewelry Making Professor revolutionizes the way people learn how to make jewelry.

With thousands of streaming members globally, Jewelry Making Professor is the world's leading Internet subscription service for learning how to make jewelry. For about US$9.97 a month, Jewelry Making Professor members around the world can instantly watch as many jewelry making and beading videos as they want, streamed over the Internet to PCs, Internet-connected TVs, and Android and Windows tablets and phones.

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