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Beady Fringe Bracelet Beading Video
Beady Fringe Bracelet Beading VideoIf you have ever wanted to do a fringe project but were deterred because of picking out lots of beads to go together than you should try this project. The beady fringe bracelet is made with only seed beads. It has a slightly different look than if you did a bracelet with a bead soup. It is very fresh and effortless. You will want to make several bracelets.   Click to View > > >

Cellini Spiral Bracelet Beading Video
Cellini Spiral Bracelet Beading VideoThe Cellini Spiral is a spiral that is made using peyote stitch and changing the size of the beads to form the spiral. It is a great project for people who know how to do peyote stitch already. If you are a beginner than watch the video for peyote stitch. Learn that and then you can try the Cellini spiral. The reason why I suggest you learn peyote stitch first is that you are doing tubular peyote and using a pattern with the beads. It isn't easy doing a pattern when you don't know the stitch. So, for the bracelet play with a color scheme that you will like. Try not to have the beads close in color because than you will not see the spiral.   Click to View > > >

Chevron Bracelet Beading Video
Chevron Bracelet Beading VideoA lacey like bracelet that is adorned with Swarovski crystals and drops. This is a beginner friendly bracelet that is made with chevron stitch. Every girl should have a bracelet that may be dressed up or dressed down. This is that bracelet. Enjoy the freedom of duel looks!   Click to View > > >

Dew Drop Earrings Beading Video
The morning dew as it starts to warm up is the meaning behind the Dew Drop Earrings. These earrings are made using right-angle weave. They are embellished in an "X" like Figure that uses seed beads. They are beginner friendly. Also, they can be made in a couple of hours.   Click to View > > >

Diamond Duo Ring Beading Video
Diamond Duo Ring Beading VideoThis is a ring made with the new super duos. It is also diamond shaped. Hence the name, Diamond Duos Ring. This is a very beginner friendly project that can be made in a couple of hours. It uses a Swarovski Crystal bicone for the center of the ring. If you are feeling creative then try to change the middle into a pearl or even firepolish. Try different things. Have Fun!   Click to View > > >

Flat Cellini Spiral Bracelet Beading Video
Flat Cellini Spiral Bracelet Beading VideoThe Flat Cellini (chel-ee-nee) spiral is the result of using beads that are in different sizes to give you the graduated spiral. The Cellini spiral came about from a technique taught by Virginia Blakelock and Carol Perrenoud who are considered seed bead masters. They named the stitch after a 16th century Italian Sculptor named Benevento Cellini. After the tubular Cellini was born, the flat Cellini spiral stitch was developed also. The flat Cellini spiral can be used with many different beads. The beads give the different looks. So, let's jump in and have fun.   Click to View > > >

Four Corners Bracelet Beading Video
Four Corners Bracelet Beading VideoThe four corners bracelet is done in simple right angle weave stitch. The stitch is like a figure eight. You will pick up four beads to start and then three beads for the rest of the bracelet. The beads are diamond shaped, which another name is on pointe beads, so they fill in the middle of the circle as you stitch. This is a great beginner project to learn right angle weave. It will also be done very quickly. You could wear it the same day. So, dive in and enjoy!   Click to View > > >

Lovely Lotus Ring Beading Video
Lovely Lotus Ring Beading VideoThe Lovely Lotus Flower Ring is made using a Kabela Design piece. The band is done using right angle weave. It is a great beginner project that uses just one stitch. This is such a stunning yet simple ring that everyone will love. Just change the colors and you have a brand new ring.   Click to View > > >

Marie Antoinette Earrings Beading Video
Marie Antoinette Earrings Beading VideoThe Marie Antoinette Earrings are made with Tila beads using circular brick stitch. These earrings can be made in a couple of hours so you can wear them out that night. All of your friends will be jealous that they don't have a pair.   Click to View > > >

Morning Glory Lariat Necklace Beading Video
Morning Glory Lariat Necklace Beading VideoA sweet necklace that brings a bit of spring into your life. When you wear this necklace you will be reminded that you can be sweet and sexy at the same time. The Morning Glory Necklace is made by using triangle weave which is a variation of right angle weave. It is a lot of fun to stitch and it stiches up quick.   Click to View > > >

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