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Products from Eri Attebery

Acorn Earrings Beading Video
Acorn Earrings Beading VideoThese small earrings reminded me of acorns, but these are so much more beautiful.   Click to View > > >

Alhambra Earrings Video on Demand
Alhambra Earrings Video on DemandThese earrings are a very nice match with the Alhambra Necklace design. The Alhambra shape is common in many works of art, particularly in Spain.   Click to View > > >

Alhambra Necklace Video on Demand
Alhambra Necklace Video on DemandThe Alhambra shape is a beautiful design found in many different types of architecture and art in general. This necklace has five weaved Alhambra motifs linked together by cable chain.   Click to View > > >

Argyle Ring Video on Demand
Argyle Ring Video on DemandWeave together Swarovski Crystal pearls and beads to create a beautiful ring with an Argyle pattern.   Click to View > > >

Beaded Turtle Video on Demand
Beaded Turtle Video on DemandThis cute bead turtle is a good example of how you can create flat and domed shapes using different sizes of beads.   Click to View > > >

Beads Dangle Earrings Video on Demand
Beads Dangle Earrings Video on DemandThis pair of Beads Dangle Earrings will challenge your pinwork skills. You can use different color swarovski pearls and crystal beads to create many different designs.   Click to View > > >

Beginner Beading All-in-one Starter Kit
Beginner Beading All-in-one Starter KitWe have packed a lot of value into this kit. There is nothing else like it available.   Click to View > > >

Braided Rhinestone Bracelet Beading Video
Braided Rhinestone Bracelet Beading VideoLet the rhinestones shine in this cute bracelet made with a simple braided weaving pattern. You can customize to fit any sized wrist.   Click to View > > >

Breast Cancer Awareness Broach Video on Demand
Breast Cancer Awareness Broach Video on DemandUse different colored beads to create awareness broaches to support different causes.   Click to View > > >

Bugle Star Pendant Necklace Video on Demand
Bugle Star Pendant Necklace Video on DemandThis class uses bugle beads and is fairly simple to do. Bugle beads create the pointed parts of the star around a center that is similar to the basic bead ball design.   Click to View > > >

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